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If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, Donsdale Dental is pleased to offer White Fillings! Tooth decay that develops into a cavity must be treated, or it can worsen or potentially lead to a root canal or tooth extraction. The most common solution for a cavity is a dental filling. White fillings are a great dental restoration because they seamlessly blend in with your existing tooth enamel and can restore the function and shape of your teeth. If you think a white filling might be right for you, call Donsdale Dental today and we will be happy to assist you.

White Fillings | Donsdale Dental | West Edmonton | Family and General Dentist

What is a White Filling?

White Fillings | Donsdale Dental | West Edmonton | Family and General Dentist

A white filling is a composite resin material that is used to fill a cavity. The material is colour matched to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your natural tooth enamel. A cavity is an area of the tooth that is decayed and has formed a hole in your tooth. Cavities should be filled immediately in order to prevent the cavity from growing and the decay from spreading. White fillings are the most popular type of filing because they are highly durable and can last many years. They can also be placed to match the unique shape and shade of your existing teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable in your mouth. They can also be conveniently placed in just one appointment.

Benefits of White Fillings

White Fillings | Donsdale Dental | West Edmonton | Family and General Dentist
  • The most obvious benefit of white fillings is the aesthetic results that can be achieved because of the ability to blend different shades of white filling material to match the natural remaining tooth structure. As such, they are virtually undetectable.
  • White filling material bonds directly to the remaining tooth structure, which reduces the instance of future breakage and allows the filling to help insulate the tooth from temperature changes.
  • While fillings are extremely durable; they can last up to 5 years with proper oral hygiene.
  • White fillings work with even the smallest dental cavity, and are much safer than old-fashioned silver, mercury, or amalgam fillings.
  • White fillings can be used in order to build up damaged teeth prior to many restorative dental procedures like a dental bridge or dental crown
  • White fillings are affordable

If you are looking to treat your cavities without the use of mercury or amalgam materials, Donsdale Dental offers mercury and amalgam-free dental treatments. We offer a wide selection of amalgam-free dental treatments, including dental crowns, inlays and onlays, bridges, fillings, and dental implants. Our dental team will work with you to help you achieve a healthy gorgeous smile.

White Fillings | Donsdale Dental | West Edmonton | Family and General Dentist

If you think you might have a cavity that requires a filling, or you have any questions about tooth coloured match fillings, call Donsdale Dental at (780) 760-4000 and we will be happy to assist you.

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