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Edmonton White Fillings

Donsdale Dental offers bonded composite fillings to restore decayed teeth. These tooth-colored restorations are natural-looking and can be placed to match the unique shape and shade of your existing teeth. The composite material is highly durable and can last many years. These fillings are also typically placed in just one appointment, making them useful and convenient!

The Benefits of White Fillings

The most obvious benefit of white fillings is the aesthetic results that we can achieve because of the ability to blend different shades of white filling material to match the natural remaining tooth structure.

White filling material bonds directly to the remaining tooth structure, reducing the instance of breakage and to insulate the tooth from temperature changes.

Why We Use White Fillings

If you are looking to treat your cavities without the use of mercury or amalgam materials, Donsdale Dental offers mercury and amalgam-free dental treatments. We offer a wide selection of amalgam-free dental treatments, including dental  crowns, inlays and onlays, bridges, fillings, and dental implants. Our dental team will work with you to help you achieve a healthy gorgeous smile.

Contact our practice in Edmonton to schedule a complimentary consultation. We offer extended hours and provide ample parking in front of the building.


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