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West Edmonton Dental Clinic

Donsdale Dental is a renowned primary care dental service provider. West Edmonton dental clinic specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing overall oral health needs. We provide a broad range of dental services, including root canals, bridges, fillings, crowns, and veneers.

How do I choose a dentist?

When looking for a dentist, it is essential to choose a professional who does more than just cleaning your teeth. Your oral health determines your overall health. Therefore, consider having a dental home like Donsdale Dental where you can drop in for an emergency or regular dental care.

Consider the basics and choose a West Edmonton dental clinic that takes care of your needs and lifestyle. Donsdale Dental is the dental clinic of choice for many people in West Edmonton because it provides convenient office hours, has a wide range of dental benefits, and offers excellent doctor-patient communication.
Visit our West Edmonton dental clinic or schedule a consultation with us to meet our dentists and staff before scheduling an appointment. Bring your records with you so that our dentists can look at your dental history and make the right recommendations for you or your family.

Key factors to look for

Once you visit our dental clinic, there are a few key factors that you should look for. For instance, find out if our office is neat and welcoming. In addition, ask our dentists and staff how they handle emergencies outside of office hours. One of the things you will notice during your visit is our team will take time to understand your needs and familiarize themselves with your benefit plan. You will also be happy to know that our West Edmonton dental clinic offers a wide range of financial options for treatment costs.

Do all dental clinics put patient's medical records in a permanent file?

Our dentists encourage clients to share their past dental experiences and concerns. We will meet with you, understand your concerns, and answer all questions you have regarding dental care. In addition, we will store your dental records carefully and will not divulge any of your details to third parties. Your information is safe with us.

At Donsdale Dental, we do not just provide dental services, but we are also an essential part of your overall health care team. We understand that your dental health can affect your overall health, which is why we strive to be a trusted partner that you can turn to when you need help to make dental health decisions.

Signs you need dental health care

One of the signs you need emergency oral care is a sore, lump, or red patch on the gum that won't heal. The earlier you go for screening, the better your chances of recovery. This is why our staff does cancer screening during regular visits if the patient has not noticed any symptoms. We will guide you on how to do a self-exam. Other signs to watch for include pain and swelling, foul odor in the mouth, loose teeth, and bleeding after brushing.

Donsdale Dental has gained a reputation for providing quality dental services in West Edmonton. Visit our clinic today for a consultation.

West Edmonton Dental Clinic
Donsdale Dental
West Edmonton Dental Clinic
18342 Lessard Rd NW
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