Introducing Dr. Nureen Somani

Introducing Dr. Nureen Somani

Dr. Nureen Somani perceives dentistry as a combination of art and science. It’s a field that enables her to be creative, use her hands and immerse herself in science. However, Dr. Somani’s primary attraction to dentistry is the ability to form close bonds with patients and their families, as she enjoys building long-term relationships.

We are excited to introduce Dr. Somani as a co-founder and dental professional at Donsdale Dental.

Educational Background

After receiving her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Dr. Somani spent four years at the University of British Columbia completing her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. She pursued further education after graduation by completing a General Practice Residency at the BC Children’s Hospital, where she focused on treating paediatric patients.

Work History

Dr. Somani returned to Alberta after her studies and practiced as a general family dentist in Calgary. She met her husband, Dr. Hussein Pirani, and relocated to Edmonton, where she worked as an associate at a local clinic. Dr. Somani enjoyed some time off on maternity leave and then joined her husband at Design Dentistry. She is actively involved at Design Dentistry and excited to expand her services to Donsdale Dental.

Patient Treatment

Dental visits shouldn’t be dreadful, which is why Dr. Somani works to make clients feel comfortable, at ease and satisfied with her services. “I like to spend extra time connecting with each patient on a personal level to learn more about them,” shared Dr. Somani. “That relationship is what concerns me first and foremost, and dental needs are addressed after.”

Dr. Somani doesn’t want patients leaving her chair stressed, anxious or in pain. Instead, her aim is to make everyone feel satisfied with the work that has been done and confident about his or her next visit.

Hobbies & Interests

Some of Dr. Somani’s hobbies and interests include golfing, travelling and volunteering in her community. Her favourite pastime is enjoying the company of her children and husband. She has been living in Edmonton for the past six years, but continues to explore our vibrant city with her family. “It’s so much fun experiencing life through the eyes of the kids now,” she expressed.

Why Donsdale?

The key element that sets Donsdale Dental apart from other clinics is its patient-centered approach. “We take the time to get to know our patients and treat them as if they’re our family,” explained Dr. Somani. “We also work to formulate personalized plans based on patient needs and abilities to ensure they receive the best treatment.”

The team is also a valuable component of Donsdale Dental. Dr. Somani and her colleagues have been active dental professionals for many years and continuously educate themselves about the latest practices, equipment and technology.

Donsdale Dental is a welcoming, relaxed clinic with an excellent team. “We’re about making sure our patients are happy,” stated Dr. Somani.

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