If you’ve decided to search for a new dentist, you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to be selective to ensure you receive the best possible care, but the process doesn’t have to be grueling. Here are four easy steps for finding a new dentist.

Preliminary Search

The simplest first step is to conduct an online search. Search engines offer a wealth of information and can quickly share the location, contact and service details of clinics in your surrounding area. Alternately, you could review the database of your local dental association. For example, the Alberta Dental Association and College has an online directory of dental clinics across the province. All you need to do is enter basic search criteria for a range of results.

It’s also wise to ask family members, friends, colleagues or your current dentist for recommendations. Everyone has an opinion and personal experience, making it easy to learn more about your options.

Gather Information

The next step is to gather information about each clinic to help with the decision making process. Visit each clinic’s website to learn more about customer experience and service offerings, as well as the dental team’s background. Reading online reviews can also aid with your final selection.

Your connections can offer invaluable feedback regarding the services, professionalism and atmosphere of the clinics you’re interested in. Reaching out doesn’t have to be time consuming – it can be as simple as asking for recommendations on social media or sending a few short emails.

Meet & Greet

dentist meet and greetOne of the most important steps for finding a new dentist is completing meet-and-greets. Visiting the top contenders will allow you to determine whether the dental teams are welcoming, professional and patient-centered. Meet-and-greets also give you the opportunity to ask questions, view the space and develop an overall impression of a clinic and its team.

Once again, this process doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult. You can stop by a clinic on your way home from work or after your child’s hockey game. It only takes 10 minutes to say hello, meet the team and view the space.


Now it’s time for the selection phase. Narrow your options down to two or three clinics and consider the characteristics of each. Which clinic is more patient-centered? Which dental team makes you feel more comfortable? How convenient is each location?

Include the information you’ve gathered online, from your network and during each meet-and-greet to identify the best dentist for your needs.

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