Smiling more often can make us more productive, improve our heart health, and even reduce stress. But is there a limit to how much we should smile?

Remember back to when you were young and everything was a wonder. Things like sliding down the stairs on your rear-end, splashing in a puddle, or painting with your hands. All of these activities brought on huge smiles to our faces.

There’s no doubt that children smile a lot. Some studies even suggest that children smile as much as 400 times per day, whereas adults only smile around 20 times each day.

With all the benefits of smiling and laughing more often, there really is no limit to how much we should smile in any given day.

Try taking small breaks during the day to watch a funny video online, or listen to an amusing audio book, or just have a good laugh with a friend. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how good you feel afterwards.

To learn more about the hidden powers of smiling, watch this TED video.

Be proud of your smile!

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