In this third post of our 7 Days of Smiling series, we’ll explain how smiling more can make you look (and feel) more attractive.

The benefits of smiling more often are numerous. we’ve shown you how smiling can help increase your productivity and improve your heart health. But one of the most notable benefits is that you will feel better about yourself – and others will notice!

In a recent study done by eHarmony, a genuine smile showed up as one of the most important traits that attracted women to men. That should come as no surprise as we are wired by evolution to distinguish friend from foe.

The key to a true and genuine smile is in engaging your whole face. Often referred to as a Duchenne Smile, a true smile uses muscles not only around your mouth, but also those around your cheeks and eyes.

The common misconception is that you smile more when you’re happy; however, the opposite is also very true. The more you smile, the happier and healthier you become. Not surprisingly, healthy and happy people are seen as more attractive.

The next time you’re out in public, try to notice the people around you – are they smiling? More importantly, try to notice if you yourself are smiling and the effect it has on how you feel.

Be proud of your smile!

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