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Personalized Full Mouth Restorations in Edmonton

Full mouth reconstruction is a way of completely restoring all of the teeth in your mouth. This process, unlike a typical cosmetic smile makeover, can also correct painful problems related to the TMJ Joint as well as bite placement (occlusion) of the patient.

Some patients who have multiple compromised teeth due to stains, cracks, wear, decay etc. may require full mouth restorative dental treatment. These oral problems make it difficult to not only function and thrive, but can also take away one’s ability to smile and feel confident.

Once the optimal treatment plan is agreed upon between you and your Donsdale dentist, we will have our lab make up a diagnostic model and what is called a wax-up for the doctor and patient to look at together. These wax-ups are meant to give the required data for developing optimal look and function. By doing a wax-up of the teeth, your Donsdale Dentist can then determine the best shape, size, and position of the new teeth, so you know exactly what to expect. Our experienced dentists have completed many beautiful full mouth restorations. Our treatments are customized to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy look you’re looking for

Full Mouth Restoration

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