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Foot Arch Pain Escondido

Foot Arch Pain Escondido

The arch of your foot stretches from the bottom of the toes to the ball. If there’s something wrong with your arch, you’ll experience pain that makes it difficult to stay on your feet or walk for long. This pain can extend to other body parts such as your ankles, legs, knees, and hips. Pain in the foot arch can range from mild and temporary to chronic and severe. If you experience recurring or lasting episodes of pain in your foot arch, it’s advisable to seek professional help.

At Moncado Chiropractic, our services address foot arch pain in Escondido. The effectiveness of our interventions will depend on the cause of your pain. That is why we first establish the reason behind your pain before providing any treatment to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Understanding Foot Arch Pain: What Are the Causes

Your foot arch has several functions, including absorbing shock while you’re on your feet, stabilizing movement, bearing weight, and creating balance. It also adapts to changes in the terrain when you’re walking. Pain in the arch affects all these functions, impacting your mobility and flexibility. Therefore, arch pain treatment in Escondido must target the actual cause of your discomfort in order to provide lasting relief. Some of the common causes of pain in the foot arch include injury, medical conditions, and structural abnormalities.


The arch is made up of muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. Placing undue strain or stress on any of them can lead to damage and arch pain as a result of tearing, inflammation, or bruising of soft tissues.

Medical Conditions

Conditions that contribute to arch pain include plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). The plantar fascia is a ligament found between the ball and the front of your feet. If it’s injured, overused, or inflamed, it results in stiffness and pain in the arch. Pain caused by plantar fasciitis usually increases with activity on your feet. Fortunately, going for physical therapy for plantar fasciitis can solve the problem, eliminating the need for surgery.

The posterior tibial tendon connects a muscle in the calf of your feet to the inner foot. When this tendon dysfunctions and fails to provide adequate support to the arch, it brings about pain. Your inner ankle may also swell, and you’ll feel some pain in the back of your ankle.

Structural Abnormalities

Structural issues affect the shape of your foot arch and can be caused by age, weight gain, or neurological conditions. They can also be hereditary. One such abnormality is cavus foot, which refers to a high arch. A high foot arch is usually inherited or as a result of a medical condition. It makes your arch more prone to injuries since it has limited shock absorption abilities due to the little contact with the ground. This places a strain on your foot, causing pain. Flat foot is another structural complication. With this condition, the entire sole of your foot is in contact with the ground. This denies enough support to the foot, giving rise to pain in the arch or heel area.

Expert Chiropractic Care for Your Foot Arch

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Foot Arch Pain Escondido
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Foot Arch Pain Escondido
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